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Industry 4.0 and Deployment of "Internet of Things" Technology in Production

The new wave in production with more intellience through "Internet of Things " technology is called today as Industry 4.0. Connecting machines, people, suppliers and all the related stake holders in an intelligent and effective way improves the efficiency of production and logistics value chain considerably. However, for the application of Industry 4.0 effectively, there are many areas to be developed. The following are some examples of the possible areas expected from the articles to be presented

• Intelligent and communicating sensor and device Technologies
• Internet of Things infrastructure, algorithms and software, relations with other software
• Innovation in production and supply chain processes ,n relation to internet of things technology
• Application examples and impacts of Industry 4.0
Organizer and Moderator:
Prof.Dr.Orhan B. Alankuş

Director in charge of Research and Project Development
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Okan University
Tuzla Campus, 34959 Akfırat-Tuzla, IstanbulL, Turkiye
E Mail: orhan.alankus@okan.edu.tr
Tel: +90 216 677 1630/2405
Born in 1955, graduated from Ankara Fen Lisesi in 1972, got his B. S. degree in 1978 and M.S. degree in 1979 from Mechanical Engineering Department of Middle East Technical University (METU). His M.S. Thesis was on "Computer Aided Mechanism Design".

He received his Ph.D degree on "The Application of Microprocessors to Machine Tools" at Imperial College of Science and Technology, London in 1982.

Before starting to work in TOFAS in 1984, worked in a research company in London for two years.

He got his associate professorship title in "Computer Aided Design and Production" area In 1992.

He was employed in TOFAS respectively as Computerized Production Systems Expert, Manager of Manufacturing Engineering Department, Vice Manager of Technical Services and R&D Director.

Between July 2006 and January 2008 , he undertook the position of General Manager of the Design and R&D Company of TOFAS-FIAT, Platfom Inc. which was founded in Uludag Technology Development Zone. Between 2008 and 2009 , he acted as "Technology Consultant" in KOC Holding. Between 2009 and August 2011 , he worked as "Technology and Environment Coordinator " at Koc Holding.

Since September 2011, he has been the Professor of Mechanical Engineering and the Director in charge of "Research and Project Development at Okan University" coordinating the activities of the university with industry and other foreign and national universities for research.

Prof. Orha B.ALANKUŞ has many articles published in various national and international journals and symposia.

His foreign languages are English and Italian and some limited German.

Philipp von Cube, Dipl.-Ing., MBA

Group Leader "Production Intelligence" at Fraunhofer Institute of Production Technology
Steinbachstr. 17 52074 Aachen, Germany

He was born on May 15th, 1985, received Dipl.- Ing. in mechanical engineering in 2011 and master of business administration (MBA) in 2012 at the RWTH Aachen University, currently is a PhD student at the RWTH University.

He has been working as a research assistant at the Department for Production Quality at the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT since 08/2012.

He is the holder of Six Sigma Greenbelt.

His project experience:

• Data value in the value chain of turbo machinery in context of the international center for turbo machinery (ICTM) - Value potential of "Industry 4.0"
• Preparation and execution of a two week training for a water pump manufacturer towards »Smart Manufacturing«
• Cloud based incoming goods inspection - A flagship »Industry 4.0 project« for an electronic manufacturer
• Industry 4.0 digital enterprise study for a special manufacturer in the oil and gas sector
• Requirement engineering and conceptualization for automation of an assembly process of a machinery and plant manufacturer
• Six sigma and lean principle based assembly analysis andoptimization in the automotive sector
• Standardized risk management procedure in turbo machinery
• Preparation and execution of seminars on "Industry 4.0", "Lean Production", "Risk Management in Procurement", "Technical Risk Management", and "Process Optimization"
• Coordination and conduction of an EU research project regarding adaptive model based monetary risk quantification along value chains of manufacturers

Ussal Şahbaz

GE Innovation Leader Turkey
Global Growth & Operations MENA & Turkey,
General Electric, İstanbul

Ussal Şahbaz joined GE as Innovation Leader Turkey as of March 1st, 2016. In this capacity, he enables partnerships that bring the new GE technologies to Turkish market by tailoring them to address the needs of the customers in Turkey and/or combine the new technologies from Turkish ecosystem with those of GE to do the same.

Prior to GE, Ussal was the director of G20 Studies Center at the Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV), and independent think-tank in Ankara. At this capacity, he led the content provision for Business 20 and Think Tank 20 outreach groups for Turkey's G20 presidency in 2015, shaping the policy dialogue between the G20 policy-makers, international organizations, Fortune 500 CEOs and academic scholars. Ussal managed programs on technology, entrepreneurship and foreign economic relations at TEPAV since 2010, including launch of the Global Entrepreneurship Program Turkey, a program of the U.S. State Department, and GARAJ Entrepreneurship Center, an accelerator program and a meeting space for the entrepreneurial community in Ankara. As the academic adviser to the TOBB Venture Capital Industry Assembly, Ussal played a catalyzing role for government's new tax incentives to angel investors and creation of the Turkey Investment Funds, a venture capital fund of funds program.

Ussal Sahbaz graduated from Harvard Kennedy School with a master's degree in public administration and international development program in May 2010. He holds a BS degree from the Middle East Technical University (2003) and an MA from Bilkent University (2005), both in economics. He worked as a consultant to the World Bank in Washington D.C. and as a case officer at the Turkish Competition Authority.

Tolga Şimşek

Digital Factory R&D Head
Siemens Turkey

He graduated from Istanbul Technical University as an Electrical Engineer in 1995. He holds MBA from Yeditepe University (2008). He worked as an automation software engineer, implementation and commissioning engineer, project manager, sales engineer; product development engineer, R and D project manager, R and D department director in industrial plants, factory automation and process control systems in Turkey and outside Turkey. He worked in various departments of Siemens such as Industrial Solutions, Program and Systems Engineering, IT Solutions and Services and Corporate Technologies departments. He currently works in Siemens Turkey as the Digital Factory R&D Head of Siemens Corporate Technology Development Center Europe.

Mustafa Ayhan

Region IT Director - Turkey, Middle East and Africa
Bosch Türkiye

He has been working for Bosch since 1998. He is leading Information Systems and Services in the region of Turkey, Middle East and Africa. Following the top line strategy in the group, they started to work on IoT (Internet of Things) and Industry 4.0 topics and He is coordinating these activities in his region. His goal is to create awareness on IoT and Industry 4.0 in his country and start or support initiatives for preparing the future in his own words.

Önder Tokçalar

TOFAS R&D Center
Production Technologies Dept.,
Manufacturing Process Research & Innovation Administrator,
ROBO-PARTNER Project Coordinator

He received his B.S. degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the Middle East Technical University in 2001 and MBA degree from Uludag University in 2007.

He lead the R&D team in a machine manufacturing company in 2003-2008 and managed projects on special purpose CNC controlled metal forming machines. After joining TOFAS Production Technologies Dept, he managed several projects on robotics, vision based quality control, MES and industrial automation for production lines.

He took role in university coloborated projects and innovation projects on manufacturing technologies funded by TUBITAK. He was the contact point for EU FP7 AUTORECON and X-act projects. Since 2014, he currently acts as the project coordinator in ROBO-PARTNER project which is also funded by EU FP7 programme. He has national publications on topology optimization, safety automation and contributed international publications in human robot interacted hybrid assembly operarions, mobile robotics and augmented reality.

- Umtik -